Catopia: Rush Expands with Exciting PVP System

Asynchronous Battles, Strategic Team Building, and Leaderboard Climbing Awaits!

Released in early June, Catopia: Rush is getting its first major update with a new PVP Mode! Player Vs Player is now available to all Catopia players and is easily accessible through the button above the chapter select button on the home screen. Players can start battling others after completing stage 1-4 using their custom teams to climb leaderboards to earn special icons and bragging rights.

PVP is welcoming to players of all skill levels, yet fiercely competitive for those who have reached the endgame. The new ranking system will feel familiar to those who enjoy ranked gaming complete with ascending ranks and customizable player cards.

Despite the easy-to-learn one-handed controls, Catopia: Rush PVP has several engaging layers of strategy. Strategic players will need to balance taking out supporting characters with charging the enemy hero character directly. Defeating a hero cat means immediate victory! With a current roster of 5 different player-controlled Hero cats and more than 30 follower cats there are tons of team possibilities!