Catopia Universe Expands with Webcomic on Tapas and Webtoon

Laugh and Cry in our Slice-of-Life Comedy!

While the Supercolony team is hard at work developing new features for the upcoming mobile game Catopia: Rush, we are pleased to share our new webcomic Catopia University, a free-to-read story that shares the comical story of Leon’s college days. The comic is full of absurd, but relatable moments like meeting an odd roommate that lives in a box, struggling with class registration servers, or getting lost on the way to class. While Catopia University dwells in humor and our cat-filled fantasy world, there’s a tenderness to it that is closer to slice-of-life stories.

The original story was created by Nanhee and then the English release was translated and localized from Korean. Those who can read Korean can enjoy more than 15 episodes on our Catopia Webtoon Facebook page. The English version of Catopia University is updated weekly on both Tapas and Webtoon platforms.

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Read on Webtoon!

As for Catopia: Rush, we are actively working on polishing the game, following a successful Android Open Beta test period. More than 30,000 players tried out our game which in turn has helped shape various systems for the better. We are extremely grateful to our players and we cannot wait to share more about when more players can enter the delightful world of Catopia! Catopia: Rush will be available on Android and iOS.