What is Catopia: Rush?


Catopia: Rush is a portrait-oriented dungeon-crawler mobile game that features one-handed controls and stop-to-attack gameplay similar to what’s found in traditional MOBA titles. Players lead a team of up to five cats, each with their own abilities, through various stages filled with monsters that are led by a wicked Dark Lord who has destroyed much of the kingdom of Catopia and locked away its citizens. With the former leader of Catopia lost to the Dark Lord’s corruption, Prince Leon and his band of courageous heroes step up to free those captured and defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all.   


What platforms can I play Catopia: Rush on? 


Catopia: Rush is currently available in over 150 regions on both Google Play and the iOS App Store as part of our Soft Launch; the global release will be on June 2nd, 2021 and will include major regions such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and more. Those who cannot install currently may wishlist the game for updates on the release. 


Who is developing Catopia: Rush? 


The game is being developed by Supercolony, a development team based out of Irvine, CA led by CEO David Son. Supercolony is supported by Vespa, the team behind King's Raid.  


Where can I get up to date on Catopia: Rush information and news? 


Most of our updates will be shared on our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. Major updates will likely be discussed on our website and we can also send information through the game’s messaging system. 


What is a Super Pass? 


A Super Pass is similar to a Battle Pass found in other games. The Super Pass Season lasts for two weeks and those who own a pass will get daily gems, double rewards from stages, and additional missions that culminate in a special cat hero reward. 


How do I unlock more cats? 


Cats can be acquired sometimes as a stage reward or through the Tavern building. The most common way to get more cats though is through the Recruit Cat Heroes gacha system where players can gain 1 cat for 500 gems or 10 for 4000; players also get colored Cat Coins which are used to further level up cats. Those trying to add a particular color of cat can purchase a Cat Package in the shop. These gachas award coins of that color, gems, and a cat hero of that color. In all of these systems, if a player gains a cat they already own, the player will receive cat coins of that cat’s color. 


Can I play Catopia: Rush offline? 


The game can be played offline, however, some features are limited in offline mode such as progression save, reward claim, Cat/Building level-up, in-game ads, in-app purchases, etc. It is recommended to play Catopia: Rush while online. 


What languages are supported? 


Currently available languages in Soft Launch: English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese, Turkish. 

Planned for languages for Global Launch on June 2nd: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), German, French, Russian.

Potential Future Language Updates: Chinese (Simplified) and Vietnamese.


I found a bug! How can I report it? 


The easiest way to do this in-game is by clicking on the player’s profile icon, then Help & Support, then Ask for Support. This will send an email to where one of our team members will process the report. Bug reports can also be sent in via email, our social media channels, or our Discord.